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Emergency Lighting

TCom Fire & Security will be pleased to supply your Emergency Lighting Servicing and Maintenance by carrying out the most demanding or inconvenient of these tests for you by combining it with your Fire Detection System Routine Maintenance. Legislation dictates that testing of any emergency escape lighting is carried out in accordance with the current standards. The periodic timings of these tests are as detailed below.

It is a legal requirement for the owner/occupier or Responsible Person to carry out, or arrange for a qualified supplier to carry out, regular inspections as listed below.

We supply a comprehensive range of conventional bulkhead fittings, illuminated fire exit signage, frogeye or twin-spot fittings and the latest in LED alternative fittings. Replacement re-chargeable batteries to suit.

Emergency Lighting – Codes of Practice

BS EN 50172:2004 BS 5266-8:2004: Provision and Testing of Emergency Escape Lighting Systems for different premises.

Emergency Lighting - Test Routines

  • Daily: Record any defects and instigate repair or replacement.
  • Monthly: Each luminaire to be energised via its battery to check illumination.
  • Half Yearly: Each luminaire to be energised via its battery for 15 & 60 minutes.
  • Annually: For luminaires that are three years or older, each luminaire must be energised via its own battery for its rated standby duration.

Emergency Lighting – Maintenance

In the event of an agreement to provide your on-going corrective and preventive maintenance of any emergency lighting system we recommend that Preventative Maintenance checks to be will normally be carried out every six months as a minimum in accordance with the above testing requirements. In some instances the number of inspections will increase to counter the lack in regular testing carried out by any responsible person on site if he/she does not exist.

You will be informed when these tests are to take place. Under a current maintenance contract, we will be obliged to include a call-out facility with a minimum response time (the standard is eight hours) to ensure any emergency breakdowns are attended to in an efficient manner.

Emergency Lighting – Warranty

New fittings will carry a comprehensive labour and parts warranty of at least 12 months. Re-chargeable tubes and lamps are not included within this warranty.

Emergency Lighting Manufacturers Supported by TCom

Thorn Lighting, Philips Bodine, Aqualux Lighting, Eden Lighting, Ringtail Lighting, Starlight Lighting, M2 Lighting, IR2 Lighting, Tamlex Lighting, Tamlite Lighting, Easy Seal Lighting, Facina Lighting, Aura Lighting, Centrel, Omega Lighting, Crimp-Pak Lighting, Caresafe Lighting, Worksafe Lighting, Zonesafe Lighting, Heatstore Lighting, Connect Lighting, Emex Power, Endurance Lighting, Escape Line Lighting, Horizon Lighting, JSB Lighting, Lucy Lighting, Menvier Lighting, Newlec Lighting, Serenga Lighting.

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